Pyare Foundation

Skill Development Program

Pyare Foundation unveiled a new educational, awareness, and character-building initiative for children in grades 10 through 12. The plan is to have numerous workshops every Sunday that would aid many pupils in better comprehending topics and enhancing their personalities. The project began on July 4th and will finish on December 5th, 2021, spanning a total of 22 Sundays. The first meeting cum session was held on July 4th itself, with many students in attendance at our Dilshad Garden communication centre.

Mr. Kumar Amlendu

Artist, Graphic Designer, Animator, Founder of Artcozy institute of fine art and craft

Mr Kumar Amlendu placed sessions of Graphic Design for 3 weeks in which he explained about Graphic Design and took a quick session on Adobe Photoshop.

Mrs Ritu Gupta

Experienced Corporate Trainer, Spoken English Teacher, Founder at Stepping Minds and Herbalspume

Mrs Ritu Thapliyal took 3 sessions on Spoken English for 3 weeks for the people who were eager to learn English language. She also took doubts from number of people in those sessions.

Mr Atul

Calisthenics & Fitness Trainer, Calisthenics Instructor with 4+ years of experience

Mr Atul has 4+ years of experience as Calisthenics & Fitness Trainer. He disclosed all about fitness during his 3 weeks session to all the fitness freaks.

Dr. Anjali Thapliyal Kaul

President at Pyare Foundation, More than 10 years of teaching experience, Founder of Shivpriyarudrani

Dr Anjali Thapliyal Kaul, president at Pyare Foundation took career couselling sessions for young minds. She motivated and guided students from various fields in her 3 weeks sessions.

Mr. Rajesh Kaul

Secretary at Pyare Foundation, Author, Editor in Chief of Journal of Interdisciplinary Approaches

Mr Rajesh Kaul, secretary at Pyare Foundation took meditation and Yoga classes in his 3 weeks sessions. He motivated and guided all the participants during the sessions.

Mr. Gaurav Thapliyal and Mrs Sushma Thapliyal

Clinical Psychologist, Center for Special Education, Muscat

Mr Gaurav Thapliyal and Mrs Sushma Thapliyal jointly took 3 week sessions on mental health. They disclosed plenty of knowlegable and useful information to the participants.

Dr. Reena Chikara

President at Abhyudaya Charitable Trust, Reiki Healer, Acupressure Therapist

Dr. Reena Chikara, a Reiki healer and Acupressure therapist, took 3 weeks sessions on Acupressure and healing


The entire program went very well, and we were able to organize 22 sessions with experts from various fields. During tenure, people from different age groups joined the sessions and got a beneficial learning experience. Skills are an essential requirenment for almost everyone. Some aspire to learn it for professiiional purposes, some just for knowledge and experimentation, while some for their passion. However, insufficient resources stand out as a significant problem in learners’ paths. Therefore we withhh our initatiiive have tried to cover up the gap and educate India for its enlightenment and innovations.

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