Pyare Foundation

Avadhoot Bal Seva Kendra

Pyare Foundation initiated a program “Avadhoot Bal Seva Kendra” for 3 months started from October 2021 to December 2021. The program was for overall development of children. The daily schedule at the center started from morning till evening. In the morning, children were served with breakfast which was followed by an academic session till lunch.

Academic session covered all the subjects and school homework which was followed by lunch. After lunch, extra-curricular activities were performed like mental exercises, entertainment exercises, dance, poems etc. In the evening, children were served with snacks. At 5 O clock, all the activities were winded up with prayer.
The breakfast, lunch and evening snacks were under check of nutrition value. It was really a wonderful, overwhelming and an amazing time for Pyare Foundation.

In the future, we will plan and work on such kind of programs with dedication.

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