Pyare Foundation



Women empowerment was described to the group of girls with the age range of 12 to 18 years. With the help of presentations and discussions, overall problems of every individual were presented and elaborated. The session was concluded with queries and feedbacks from the groups. The book was written about women empowerment and the same dispatched to Mahila Samakhya to built layers of empowerment. A lady with Doctorate qualifications was chosen to be President of Foundation. The foundation has equal women representatives in the group with independent and responsible roles. The foundation has organized many women empowerment programs. The counseling and guiding young girls to overcome mental stress, depression and irresolute actions have been initiated. The foundation helps women to become writers, artists and orators. The ancillary work is handled by women, the meeting and sessions of weak women’s to improve holistic health is worked upon and women team members help other women to raise their source of income, respect and repute.

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