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Shambhoo Leela

Pyare Foundation introduced the project “Shambhoo Leela” with the goal of promoting education and knowledge in remote villages of the country. This will be carried out by performing various activities, programs and projects with the establishments of library and resource center in the villages. Under this project a library is set up in the villages for public use. This project is meant for all the age groups starting from 5 year till the old age.

Project activities are carried out in three phases

First Education and Resource Center

The first “education and resource center” under the project “Shambhoo Leela” was established on 24 December 2018 by Pyare Foundation in Ratura Village, Karnaprayag, Uttarakhand. This education and resource center covers almost 15 nearby villages (4000 – 4500 people). The center was inaugurated by ADM and other government officials. This education and resource center has many works of literature and academic books for kids and elder villagers.

The team received proposal from Ratneshwar Jan Kalyan Samiti to establish the “Education and Resource Center” in Ratura village. Pyare Foundation team passed the proposal of the “education and resource center” in an official meeting and the stationary along with books of different subjects were collected from the donors. After the collection of all the material, the team proceeded for the inauguration of the Education and resource center in Ratura Village on 24th December, 2018.

It covers almost 15 nearby villages named as Ratura, Kedarukhal, Dev Thapli, Khanduda, Sorka, Bangaon (Malla-Talla), Chulakot, Sinkhal, Baskwali, Phurkidhar, Dharkot, Ghandiyal, Thaplidaang, Khankar, Benitaal.

Second Education and Resource Center - 15th July, 2019

Team Pyare Foundation managed to start another Educational center (Center 2) under project Shambhoo Leela at Dilshad Garden. The message was spread to the nearby areas and hence many students and volunteers came forward to join the initiative. Classes were held at regular intervals with expert teachers and professionals.

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