Pyare Foundation

Plantation Drive

An initiative started by Pyare Foundation and the Hindustan Scouts & Guides with the target of 5000 saplings to be planted by June, 2022. The teams from both organizations will also make sure that the planted saplings will get adequate care. This initiative reaches significant areas, and people from various cities and towns join this program. Organizing a plantation drive is equivalent to working on the nearby community’s development. Such an initiative will help secure the indigenous nature of the nearby areas. Counting in environmental issues like global warming, soil erosion, water scarcity, increasing particulate matter in the air, ozone depletion, etc., we have concluded conducting and promoting plantation drives in specific areas.

Hindustan Scouts & Guides is a non-profit organisation that has been active in India for many years, and its volunteers participate in a variety of activities and events. This time, members of HSG, in collaboration with Pyare Foundation, pledged to plant 5000 trees over the course of a year, from June 5, 2021 to June 5, 2022. They are grateful for the opportunity they had of working with the nice and hardworking members of HSG. Around 80 people signed the pledge, planting up to 50 plants thus far. Pyare Foundation joins them in planting trees for a healthier environment, they encourage others to do the same.


We proudly announce that we have been able to plant more than 5000 saplings until now, increasing the number. The team of Hindustan Scout Guides and Pyare Foundation worked tirelessly for the project to make it a success. With utmost delight, we are celebrating the completion of our plantation drive. We here are grateful that our small contribution will surely add some improvements to our surroundings. The following plantation drive has taught us the awe of nature and the beautiful process of implanting samplings and gracing them until they bloom out.

The plantation drive took place in Delhi, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. The varieties of plants, the day of plantation, the growth of plant, the benefits of plants all were recorded for the good of cause. The aim was to practically get benefitted from plantation drive and thus the team members were advised and cautioned to make complete summary and have data ready for complication and presentation. The pressure was mounted in order to ensure worthiness of plantation drive. The plants have now grown and some will yield fruits as well. There are chances some may come up as trees and provide shelter and cool oxygen naturally in hot places.

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